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In modern times, the man walks on the outside to offer protection against would-be assailants lurking between parked cars.In even more modern times, and in dense urban areas, men sometimes walk on the inside, to protect against would-be attackers lurking in doorways.For that reason, one etiquette book noted that a gentleman should be “decidedly respectful” toward a woman’s parents, and, because the nature of courtship required an exaggeration of a person’s good qualities and a person’s manners, they were to be above reproach.Mothers, in particular, watched “with a jealous care the tendencies of their daughter’s affections.” If for some reason she found a gentleman unacceptable, the advice to the mother was to try to turn her daughter’s head by finding a more suitable person.

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In the old days, when accompanying a woman, the man walked on the outside (street side), to prevent mud from splashing on her clothes.If that failed, parents were advised to provide their daughter with a “change of scene and surroundings by travel or visiting.” However, if parents determined the suitor acceptable, “then the most scrupulous rules of etiquette [would] not object to their letting the young couple [spend some time] alone.” A gentleman first and foremost was to “be thoroughly honest” and never strive to be something he was not.If he was a willful deceiver, he was bound to be detected at some point, and one etiquette expert noted that if that happened, how would a gentleman expect a woman to continue to love and trust him?This is normal, as long as you don’t make a big deal of it. Also think of the situation you’re in, and ease up if it draws attention.

Holding a door open for someone can make you appear suave, or it can make you look like a douchebag. This will be easiest if you’re on the hinges side of the door. If you can switch ninja-style, before getting to the door, do it.

Then so are your chances of impressing your boss or your girl at dinner.

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