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I needed a breather from school and friends and everything else that presses in on a teenager. Grandpa was sitting on the small porch making some sort of little crafty thing.He saw me walking up the drive and came out to greet me with a hand shake and a hug.They are pretty neat but take a lot of work and a lot of cutting.By the time we were done for the day my hands were a mess of little nicks and tiny cuts.See without the water, the poop would stick to everything and that would be a constant mess.

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I had morning wood and Grandma was staring right at it. I stammered and stuttered and finally managed to squeak out a no. You can play with it and even lick it if you want”. I rubbed my fingers into her slit and slipped one into her opening. I’m sure you’re going to love your two week here.” Grandma patted me on the head and went about finishing breakfast. Grandpa went in after me to wash up and didn’t even close the door.

I headed for the trailer to clean them up just as Grandma popped her head out the door to announce dinner was ready.

After dinner Grandma helped me clean up my hands and put some medicine on them to help them heal up faster. We watched a little TV and before I knew it, the day was gone and it was time for bed.

I was glad I hadn’t packed anything embarrassing in there.

She placed the clothes in the top drawer under the closet, opened the closet and hung my two shirts and two pants on empty hangers.I hope you don’t mind, but your Grandpa and me usually don’t wear clothes at night. “No problem Grandma, I was wondering about that actually, because I don’t have any pajamas myself.