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The SBE 37 Micro CAT family includes CTDs that are integrated with a dissolved oxygen sensor While the highest range does give you the most flexibility in using the CTD, it is at the expense of accuracy and resolution.It is advantageous to use the lowest range pressure sensor compatible with your intended maximum operating depth, because accuracy and resolution are proportional to the pressure sensor's full scale range.Checking for Leakage and Cleaning Corrosion on Connectors: If there has been leakage, it will show up as green-colored corrosion product.Performing the following steps can usually reverse the effect of the leak: Sea-Bird currently manufactures only 1 moored CTD that can accept auxiliary sensors, the SBE 16plus V2 Sea CAT (and its inductive modem version, the 16plus-IM V2).SBE Data Processing© consists of modular, menu-driven routines for converting, editing, processing, and plotting of oceanographic data acquired with Sea-Bird profiling CTDs, thermosalinographs, and the SBE 16 and 37 families of moored CTDs.SBE Data Processing is part of our Seasoft V2 software suite.For example, the SBE 9plus pressure sensor has initial accuracy of 0.015% of full scale, and resolution of 0.001% of full scale.Comparing a 2000 psia (1400 meter) and 6000 psia (4200 meter) pressure sensor: The Anti-Foulant Device is an expendable device that is installed on each end of the conductivity cell, so that any water that enters the cell is treated.

External power and communication over 10,000 m of single-core, armored cable can be provided with the SBE 36 Deck Unit and PDIM.

Anti-Foulant Devices are typically used with moored instruments (SBE 16, 16plus, 16plus-IM, 16plus V2, 16plus-IM V2, 37-SM, 37-SMP, 37-SMP-IDO, 37-SMP-ODO, 37-SI, 37-SIP, 37-SIP-IDO, 37-IM, 37-IMP, 37-IMP-IDO, 37-IMP-ODO, Hydro CAT, Hydro CAT-EP), thermosalinographs (SBE 21 and 45), glider CTDs (Glider Payload CTD), moored profilers (SBE 52-MP), and drifters (SBE 41/41CP Argo float CTDs), and optionally with SBE 19plus, 19plus V2, and 49 profilers.

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