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21-Dec-2017 00:25

They are made from zinc-plated steel and ship in packs of 6.

These screws, which can be difficult to find in the US, work with the mounting holes on the brass face plates of our micro metal gearmotors.

Part of the skyrocketing demand for bolts in the later half of the nineteenth century was driven by the spreading utility of new bolt designs.

The twentieth century saw the development of our present-day bolt manufacturing methods, particularly through the advances and armaments engendered by the two world wars.

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The bolt is then usually coated with anti-corrosive substances to strengthen its durability.

These workpieces were then smoothed along an anvil, and a die-cutting press was used to shape the bolt’s head and threads.

Using machine tooling processes, such as drop hammering and die trimming, proved to be both time- and cost-efficient.

In the United States alone, the bolt has undergone several distinct stages of development.

Bolt usage can be traced back to ancient irrigation systems and construction projects, but metal bolts and screws did not become the standard until the early modern era.Our Sales Office & Trade Counter is open from 7.30am - 5.30pm Monday - Thursday and 7.30am - 5.00pm on Fridays The last Wednesday in every month is now Orbital Fasteners Charity Gift Day.

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